Designed for use where a leather or coated cloth visual is desired at an economical cost, Ultima 7 is the industry standard for coated cover on kraft base goods. Ultima 7offers excellent value while maintaining design and manufacturing integrity



   Kraft paper base with water-based acrylic base coat and clear acrylic top coat



Full cover and spine on hardcover trade/juvenile books, yearbooks, diploma covers, bibles, deluxe editions, cookbooks, photo album covers and liners, looseleaf covers and liners, slipcases, boxes, portable files, etc

These papers feature “ribs”, and stand out due to these aesthetic straight lines, a well-known characteristic of Kraft paper. They are natural, high-performance products (mechanical strength, machinability, printability), used in various applications: bags, coating, laminating, wrapping and printing



   High porosity
   Wet strength
   Suitable for food contact

   High mechanical strength

   Dimensional stability

The word kraft means strong in German. Kraft papers are strong, economical, durable papers intended for packaging, wrapping, dunnage and shipping. Kraft paper may be bleached or unbleached and is run in a variety of basis weights depending upon the application it is made for. The unbleached paper is a rich brown color sometimes referred to as natural kraft. This color is a byproduct of the chemical process (sulfate) that helps give kraft paper its strength



   Made from 100 percent recycled material.

   It is bio-degradable



   A versatile all-purpose project paper that can be used for banners, posters, murals, table coverings and various craft projects. Can be folded without cracking or curling


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