One of the great advantages of the Projects Division is the ability to build specific products according to each customer's needs. Even if the demand is not always simple, helpful advice and planning are provided to reach the best and most satisfactory solutions.
When planning a special project in a technical or industrial division, CMYK Projects Division is the address. The division specializes in importing and supplying a wide range of special papers to match the technical and industrial specifications in our market for food chain companies, printing houses, carton manufacturers, paper packaging manufacturers, toilet and tissue manufacturers and more.  
This division provides a wide range of paper types manufactured by Europe's leading enterprises. With many years experience, this allows us to provide any amount of high quality papers, while meeting the short deadlines of the customer.
The division operates throughout the country through two branches, one being in the centre and the other situated in the north of the country, and both are ready to meet all paper challenges anywhere in Israel
This division holds among its stock many types of products, such as baking paper, jumbo paper rolls, Kraft paper, newsprint, glossy paper, tissue, a diverse choice of white and grey boards, coated paper and many others. At the same time, if our customers require a paper not found in our running stock, this division is built to implement orders of different quantities of special papers.