COLOR COPY is a premium quality paper

It is manufactured, with environmental consciousness, from eucalyptus pulps ECF (Elementally Chorine Free) and TCF (Totally Chlorine Free) ensuring good quality and opacity.

It is produced using sunlight-resistant pigments, ECF and TCF pulps originating from sustainable forests. This product is manufactured in an acid-free environment with an alkaline reserve, thus guaranteeing their stability.

All the components used are compatible with the environment and the pigments used are pharmaceutical food dyes which are non-toxic.

(It is adequate for printing with all types of printing technology (laser, inkjet, offset, etc


COLOR COPY is the ideal paper for full color printing, guaranteeing true-to-life, brilliant color copies and perfect print results. Some of the most popular applications for Color Copy are presentations, invitations     or customer brochures

COLOR COPY guarantees you needle-sharp printouts and brilliant colors, especially with digital printing. Our extensive range includes 10 different colors giving you a wide choice of applications. The perfect quality of the prints and the efficient color reproduction will make your next presentation or mailing twice as successful

Documents such as presentations, direct mailings, manuals, corporate plans, business cards, and envelopes are like an advertisment for your company. That is why the same care and attention should be paid to the quality of the paper as to the content


 Extra smooth surface, excellent for full color printouts

   Ideal whiteness for true color reproduction

   Environmentally friendly production, FSC™ certified

   Color Copy is CO2 neutral and carries the EU Ecolabel

   Wide range – to meet all your printing demands

   The elegant, natural white color laser paper

   For exquisite stationery with elegant natural color Optimum results for full color laser prints and copies






































Papers and paperboards produced with a high content of pre-consumer and post-consumer secondary fibres and of ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) wood-free primary pulp, tinted in the pulp and on the surface; the 700 grams is laminated off-line.
Intense coloring, uniform and vellum finish, good stiffness and folding resistance, good surface sizing


Paper particularly suitable to realize Sample books, Packaging, Albums, Display-boxes, Photo mounts, Tags, End papers, Covers and others