paper, cardborad & plastic solutions

Division provides quality solutions for printing industries in the areas of paper, cardboard and plastic in any size, thickness, color range and texture.
This division imports from abroad and specializes in high quality precision cut paper, servicing mainly offset and digital  printing presses throughout the country.

We strive to ensure

  • Customer service at the highest level reflected in part by quick delivery service nationwide.
  • Ensuring quality paper manufactured by leading enterprises withinIsrael and worldwide.
  • Strict quality control: All manufacturing processes involving  cutting, packaging and serving through constant supervision and control, allowing the supply of quality products with zero failures.
  • A wide variety of in stock products , and the capacity for special orders, which allow the division to meet the market needs
  • Knowledge and experience: with accumulated experience since 1968, the division studies all the latest innovations and can advise the right product to fit each client.
  • Green Conscious; At CMYK, we understand the importance of eco-friendly initiatives, and strive to promote and sustain environmental actions, through all our processes. Among other assets, our Cut Paper Division keeps a wide variety of 100% recycled papers.

The Cut Paper Division clients include printing houses of all sizes, government offices, stationary producers, advertising agencies, publishers and graphic businesses, among