Inkjet Fabric Rolls

Coated Sign Fabric

Premium Coated fabrics are designed to be used with reactive or acid textile dyes. The treatment maintains resolution of the print and aids in the fixation and color yield of the print. Coated fabrics are completely washable and dry-cleanable, making them perfect for many applications including wearable and commercial textiles. Fabrics must be matched to the correct ink for the fabric type. Color is generally post-fixed by steaming or hearting

If you need 100% waterproof, machine washable, and drycleanable prints or if you need absolute "blow your mind" colors, then Premium Coated is for you. However, to develop color, the print must be steamed. Premium Coated produces commercial quality/industrial grade prints, just like the fabrics you find in the stores. And Premium Coated produces the absolute best colors possible – the blacks are deeper, the colors richer and brighter. When you need that extra touch, Premium Coated delivers

   100% waterproof

   100% machine washable & dry cleanable

   Rich, bright, & permanent color

   Prints may be used indoors or out

The fabric is 100 meters in length