Laminated Woodpulp Board

Laminated Woodpulp Board

Display Board

Display Board is the eco solution

When you think signage, think Display Board for all of your hanging sign and point of sale needs. Made from environmentally friendly wood pulpboard, Display Board provides two sides of premium print surface without using any composites, plastics and no mineral oils.  Display Board also offers exceptional cutting properties, allowing for intricate designs while maintaining outstanding rigidity and edge integrity for all custom signage needs.

Display Board is an easy alternative to plastic and foam core boards. While lighter than composite competitors, Display Board is every bit as strong, boasting impressive thickness and dimensional stability. Furthermore, Display Board's retail toughness is supplemented by its green footprint. Display Board is 100% compostable and recyclable post use,  allowing your spent signage to avoid landfills and the associated waste disposal costs

The Display Board production process focuses on sustainability and preservation. Using only Spruce wood from managed forestry and 30% pre-consumer recycled material, Display Board is made from all natural materials

Features and Benefits

   Environmentally friendly


   Excellent printing properties

   Printed on both sides (offset printing, digital printing and screen printing)

   Good cutting properties with a light cutting edge

   Dimensionally stable

   Its low weight means reduced logistic costs

   Reduces costs of waste disposal

   Available in different thicknesses and sizes


  Indoor POS displays

  Hanging signs for signage, shop displays and exhibitions
High-quality prints for advertising, e.g. flyers, mailings