Plastics (PVC, PP, PET)

(PET) Synthetic polyester film has high temperature resistance of 200 ° C,
 durable and durable water-resistant chemicals and lubricants fully, specially designed for offset printing,
 indigo and digital laser (Xerox, Minolta RICO, Canon and more ...), inkjet printers, laser printers and home printers. 
 Available in matte white color 32/45 in three thicknesses: 125, 150, 270 microns. 
 transparency in two thicknesses 105, 180 microns in size 32/45
 (pp) Polypropylene is a plastic designed for printing and is available in thicknesses of 0.4-1.25 mm which gives the product the 
ability to be a plastic material with solutions of different thicknesses but light weight

The product exists in different colors
The material gives a better alternative to lamination or capsulation

 rigid PVC white in reels for printing but can also be used for other purposes
Thickness: 330 microns, 300 microns