Wallpapers for Home design:


Keep up with shorter advertising cycles, changing interior trends or seasonal promotions with easy-STYLE. easySTYLE is a fast and cost-efficient solution for many applications in interior or store design.
From woodgrain to marble – discover the creative possibilities of easySTYLE. Almost any furniture surface can be transformed into a whole new look.
easySTYLE self-adhesive films are respectful to the environment by meeting the highest sustainability standards.

EasyStyle Ashton

EasyStyle Canyon

EasyStyle Caspio

EasyStyle Catania

EasyStyle Haitabu

EasyStyle Kiruna

EasyStyle Meton Concrete

EasyStyle Meton Copper 

EasyStyle Meton Gold

EasyStyle Rovere Gessato

EasyStyle Sonoma Oak

EasyStyle White Super Matt

EasyStyle WhiteBoard

EasyStyle Anthracite Super Matt