woodfree offset paper

 offset uncoated paper

offset papers are uncoated papers that have been fine tuned to the needs of offset printing. This means that they exhibit very good surface characteristics and very stable dimensions to ensure a perfect print result. Offset papers are available in many different formats and grammages, since their areas of application are very extensive. They are ideal for virtually all applications, ranging from calendars to annual reports and publicity brochurs An uncoated, wood-free offset paper with excellent surface properties and smoothness for problem-free print runs Wide range of formats (70-300g/m²) make it a highly flexible option for virtually all offset printing requirements

Exceptional running properties

High dimension stability
   Very good surface structure
   (Wide assortment of formats and grammages (70 – 300 g/m²
Meets all requirements regarding uses for further processing, including stamping and embossing

Premium copy peper

The premium office paper that’s ideal for all forms of office communication. The ideal multifunctional paper for large print runs. The paper range of choice offering the best fit for the modern office – always one stepahead and continually developed to meet growing market demands. Uncomplicated in deployment, enables the best results to be achieved with all print and copy machines

Extra smooth surface, excellent for slight colour printouts
   Very high whiteness
   Excellent opacity
   Excellent runnability
   High quality look and feel
   Ideal for high volume printing

 High quality carbonless paper

this is a particularly high-grade product range and offers increased opacity combined with excellent printability. Thanks to its high white surface finish, which is similar to that of natural paper, this product is used for demanding forms.

In particular, those papers are used for continuous sets with special optical requirements, including bills and quotations. The paper is also used for single sets such as insurance proposal forms, letterhead sets and quotations. Every well-designed form becomes an image communicator

   Black copies
High white, opaque fine paper with all CB types
Surface finish of natural paper

   Standard range and pre-collated

Digital Carbonless Range is versatile carbonless papers for digital printing

DIGITAL RANGE is a unique carbonless paper for digital printing which retains the proven highest quality security requirements. It is the first carbonless paper to convince well-known OEM’s. Tested and approved for HP Indigo systems
Short and micro print runs can be customized and personalized. Printed at low cost using digital or hybrid printing. Black & white or colour. Variable and versatile

   Production of multipart forms on laser printers and digital printing systems whatever the print-run size

Approved for HP indigo

Add variable information such as personalization or barcodes

colour coding of the copies using the organisaion’s common colors(white+5 tints) 1

 Excellent print image in color and black&white

High level of security against forgery

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