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CMYK Media Solutions
Advanced Solutions  for Print and Signage industries.

About Us

CMYK Media Solutions Ltd  Established in 1968, is the leader in the Israeli market in supplying the complete package to the local Printing /Art Industry 

CMYK Media Solutions Ltd marks 4 decades of productive work in the field of industrial supply for the Printing /Art Industry.  After 40 years of activity, CMYK is standing as the largest importer and distributor of raw-materials and accompanying products for the Printing, Publishing and Advertisement industries

Among its customers counted leading Printing-mills, Publishing houses and advertisement companies in Israel and in the Palestinian Territories

The range of raw-material offered by the company, includes a variety of cartons, papers and plastics in various complexes, finishing, sizes and weights. Aside from this, the company holds large types of graphic-arts elements, stationery-tools and digital-printing accessories

The Company logistic center extends on more than 5000sqm at the heart of the country, and serves more than 300 industrial-customers within  . the Israel market. The Logistic complex, which also includes a sheeting facility 

 is located in Bet Shemesh, which is the mid point to locations all over israel

Company Solutions

The Company supplies a wide range of solutions to the various branches of the Print/Sign and Art industries. We keep a wide range of Raw-materials like:  Carton, Papers, Plastic and other sturdy materials are supplied in vary sizes, colors, shapes and textures. Aside this

the company supplies wide range of raw-materials cutting services for sheets and reels, answering the special needs and requirements for its wide range of customers


The company specialized in import of paper sheets, paper reels fit for wide-format printing and Narrow-format printing from suppliers all over Europe and the world


The company specialized in cartons , in sheets and reels for the market 


The company specialized for all the kind of PVC,  PET and PP in various types and sizes in shetts and reels 

Rigid printing materials

The Company specializes in import of Rigid printing materials suitable for flatbed printing

 Quality Policy

The company puts quality as its first goal. Based on its industrial knowledge, achieved through 4o years of activity in the market, the company   supplies to its customers

Professional Advisory Services for raw materials handling and usage

Tailor-made solutions answering specific customers’ needs

Wide range of solutions, reflecting the advanced raw-materials offered globally worldwi

Stock availability for various raw-materials for its customers

Long-running business relationship with its customers through professional agents accompanying customers for years of work

All imported products and raw materials are inspected through the company Quality Control division, ensuring the high level of quality for its customers

Environmental Responsibility

The company promotes and assimilates environmental protection procedures and technologies through its wide range of solutions, including 100% recycled papers and carton boards