Honeycomb Board

Honeycomb Paperboard Sheets is a new, ultra lightweight and super strong sheet material with unique properties for promotional purposes. Thanks to its revolutionary structure, honeycomb is even stronger than honeycomb board and is ideal for building displays, shop layouts and exhibition [...]


We offers wide range of certified films for HP Indigo digital presses Enjoy the benefits of our enhanced digital films, treated with the most advanced film coating available for HP Indigo presses. This treatment formula is designed to enhance all [...]

White Foam Board

Laminated Foam Board Here’s a virtually weightless board made of a polystyrene foam core laminated on both sides with a white coated-paper stock. It makes a wonderful back-up for large framed work and a great mounting board for posters. Use [...]

Prepasted Wall Paper

Prepasted Wall Paper High quality, non-woven wallpaper coated with a solvent ink receptive layer, which offers a good color gamut and high scratch resistance. Due to the properties of this wallpaper, no additional protection is needed and it can be [...]

Large Format Printing uv

uv  printing is a type of computer printing that creates a digital image by propelling droplets of ink on to paper, plastic or other substrates. Inkjet printers are the most common type of printer, ranging from inexpensive consumer models to a [...]

Coated Paper Backligt DPI

Creator Urban Back Light DPI  170Gsm Coated Paper Coated papers designed for large size advertising 1 side coated paper for backlit advertising panels, piezo inkjet printing. Solvent, mild-solvent, eco-solvent and UV-curable inks          


SPECIALTY PAPER METALLIC, EMBOSSED, TEXTURED EMBOSSED PAPERS Papers and paperboards produced with ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) wood-free primary pulp, single layer, pulp-tinted Papers are felt marked on both sides Excellent stiffness, bulk and folding rigidity, good resistance to creasing and [...]

Of white|ivory paper

OFF WHITE|IVORY PAPER ARDAPAT 13 KLASSICA (Ivory)1 GARDAPAT 13 KIARA (Off-White)1 Woodfree coated paper, with matt surface and high bulk (volume 1.3) Acid-free Age resistant Features    True matt    Silky surface    High bulk (volume 1.3)    Warm natural shade    OBA-free [...]

woodfree offset paper

 offset uncoated paper offset papers are uncoated papers that have been fine tuned to the needs of offset printing. This means that they exhibit very good surface characteristics and very stable dimensions to ensure a perfect print result. Offset papers [...]