Honeycomb Board

Honeycomb Paperboard Sheets

is a new, ultra lightweight and super strong sheet material with unique properties for promotional purposes. Thanks to its revolutionary structure, honeycomb is even stronger than honeycomb board and is ideal for building displays, shop layouts and exhibition stands. honeycomb board can be cut in any desired size and does not warp. The perfectly smooth and bright surface ensures superb results in print, without a wash board effect. honeycomb is ultra-lightweight and therefore easy to transport and assemble. Since honeycomb is 100% paper-based, it is also easy to recycle. Sustainability goes hand in hand with ideal properties


Excellent printability, both digital and silk-screen
  Straight, flat sheets that do not warp
  Sustainable and easy to recycle: 100% paper based without noxious substances like formaldehyde and solvents
  Much lighter than sheet material made of wood, metal or plastic
  Rigid and strong, despite its light weight
  Great flexibility in size: dimensions up to 2.00 x 3.05 metres, thickness from 5 to 60 mm
Easy to process with various techniques: V-Cut, die cutting (5mm), side protection

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