Foam Board

Foam Board

virtually weightless board made of a polystyrene foam core laminated on both sides with a white or black coated-paper stock. It makes a wonderful back-up for large framed work and a great mounting board for posters. Use it for tabletop displays and signs.

Foam board cuts easily with a mat knife or utility knife and can be scored and folded for three-dimensional work. Get creative with this Foam Board.

These bright foam boards are incredibly versatile, with many uses including model making, photo mounting, toy making and poster boards. As well as being extremely environmentally friendly and non toxic, the board’s composition also makes it very practical. This board has a dense foam construction, to give you a cleaner cut and optimal support for your wonderful craft creations.

The dense foam section is sandwiched between two thin card layers, which allows ink, paint and toppers to adhere to the surface much more easily, compared with a more porous foam surface

Smooth surface accepts screen printing, glue, paint or markers

Strong, lightweight and rigid

Cuts cleanly with an X-ACTO knife

Perfect for presentations, signs, craft projects, architectural models or mounting

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