coated paper

Woodfree coated paper with gloss/ smooth  finish
Acid-free. Age resistant


   High gloss

   Superb runnability

   Excellent stiffness

   High printability

   Highest printing brilliance

   Quick setting

   Superior opacity

   Suitable for a variety of industrial processes after printing


Wood Free Paper

Offset papers are uncoated papers that have been fine tuned to the needs of offset printing. This means that they exhibit very good surface characteristics and very stable dimensions to ensure a perfect print result. Offset papers are available in many different formats and grammages, since their areas of application are very extensive. They are ideal for virtually all applications, ranging from calendars to annual reports and publicity brochures

An uncoated, wood-free offset paper with excellent surface properties and smoothness for problem-free print runs. Its a highly flexible option for virtually all offset printing requirements

   Exceptional running properties
   High dimension stability
   Very good surface structure
   Meets all requirements regarding uses for further processing, including stamping and embossing


Chromomat (FSC® certified) is the superior chlorine-free, woodfree matt coated paper choice due to its high whiteness and unrivalled smooth tsurface. As a result, image intensity is excellent, as is legibility and the unique print finish that is achieved due to the printing contrast from ink coverage.Chromomat also offers a very short drying time, ink rub resistance and is ideal for long print runs giving excellent reproduction results 


 gloss (FSC® certified) is a superior woodfree, triple coated high gloss, highmaine white art paper. Maine gloss has a unique look, giving a superior finish to all documents containing images. Its whiteness and gloss place it at the pinnacle of the market.

Maine gloss has an exceptionally smooth, even surface, which enriches the radiance of four colour printing processes and offers quality printing with both heavy ink loads or sub-colour removal, enhanced by very short drying times


Brochures, report and accounts, catalogues, folders, magazines, press releases, greeting cards, mailings, etc









It is a woodfree paper with matt or glossy finish – two-sided three-layer coated, which has high quality. Having excellent printing and optical characteristics, the paper is used where is needed to reproduce all nuances of original colors. Excellent technical characteristics allow to use different types of finishing – folding, scoring, binding, varnishing, lamination


Three-layer coated paper is mainly used in advertising for printing of highly publications, promotional materials, catalogues, calendars, brochures, posters, postcards, book jackets











Hi-Kote is the new symbol of high quality premium coated paper. The tetra-coated system brings excellent uniform printing surface with optimized smoothness without sacrificing the stiffness. It delivers perfect printability and sharpness. Both the gloss and silk type surfaces have properties: excellent smoothness, higher brightness and whiteness, higher paper gloss, and excellent opacity

Excellent Smoothness

Produce extraordinary detail with perfect dot fidelity in printed images

Higher Brightness and Whiteness

To ensure the printed images are always clear, sharp and bright

Higher Paper Gloss

High paper gloss creates vivid images with perfect color and contrast

Excellent Opacity

Excellent opacity allows the paper to be printed on both sides in full color without showing through on the other side


-Blue-white Shade
-High Opacity
-High Bulk
-High Stiffness
-High Surface Strength
-Smooth Paper Surface

-High Registering Accuracy
-Outstanding Dot Fidelity
-High Saturation
-High Sharpness
-High Printing Contrast
-Excellent Printability


Classical Art Print, Ancient Paintings, Photographic Magazines, Magazine Covers Juvenile Calendars, Catalogues, Brochures, Posters, etc